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Thank You For the 2015 Christmas Poinsettia Donations




Carol Ballard

  • in Memory of her parents, Mabel and Frank Donahue & her sister Lorraine Fortuna


Joyce and Joseph Bonelli

  • in Memory of his parents Joseph and Victoria Bonelli
  • in Memory of her parents, Justine and Irving Fellows


Mrs. Deborah A. Breton

  •  in Memory of her husband Normand E. Breton
  •  in Memory of her mother, Althea H. Lane
  • in Memory of All loved ones that have passed away


Carolyn Feldman

  • in Memory of Walter C. Feldman Jr.


Allen Foster

  • in Memory of Lester and Grace Foster


Andrea Hutchinson

  • in Memory of her parents, Bill and Gerry Arnold.


The Lewis family

  • in Memory of loved ones


The Rev. Carol B. Lewis

  • in Honor of her children.


Karen Loubier

  • in Memory of her brother, Ronald W. Osborn & nephew, Ronald P. Loubier
  • in Memory of her sister, Sarah A. Loubier
  • in Memory of her husband, Michael R. Loubier
  • in Memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs Ronald Loubier


Nancy and Bruce Nodwell

  • in Honor of our parents: Bill and Gerry Arnold & Bob and Pat Nodwell


Lily and Collin Raymond

  • in Memory of Grandpa Dion


Sandy and Tom Mara & Sheila and Charlie Sharos

  • in Memory of Aunt Lillian Lasbury


Sheila and Charlie Sharos & Sandy and Tom Mara

  • in Memory of their parents Rdell and Tom Sargent
  • All their grandchildren
  • in Memory of Rdell and Tom Sargent


The Siekiera Family

  • in Memory of Gordan Cahoone


Betty and Bill Stratton

  • in Memory of his parents, Ashley and Ruth Stratton
  • in Memory of her parents, Ruth and Earl Camp


Alice and Warren Wenz

  • in Memory of Loved Ones


Linda and Richard York

  • in Memory of Harold, Frances and Bruce Sheldick
  • in Memory of Loved ones