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Our Memorial Garden


Broad Brook Congregational Church has on its grounds a Memorial Garden which welcomes all human ashes to be scattered on or placed under the area of the garden.  Your loved one's ashes will always be undisturbed by urns, stones or statues, carefully keeping the serene presence established by BBCC's volunteer gardeners.

All of the beautiful annual and perennial flowers, shrubbery and ground design will be maintained by our gardeners with your loved one's and your own peaceful setting in mind.  Pathways wind through the garden giving family and friends a place to visit and meditate without distraction.


Broad Brook Congregational Church's Mission Statement states:  "We are a caring family of God where all people are welcome to share in spiritual growth, guidance, fellowship and support.  We work together to spread God's love and the words and missions of Jesus Christ to others."


Guided by this statement, BBCC welcomes all the surrounding communities to share in our use of the Memorial Garden as a final resting place and remembrance of loved ones.



Broad Brook Congregational Church has dedicated the Memorial Garden as a haven for those who cannot afford cemetery plots or want a different choice for their dearly departed loved ones.  The Memorial Garden was created to allow family and friends a quiet, placid and serene place where the interred can be visited, reflected about, remembered and memorialized.



A Committal Service at the Memorial Garden in which a love one's ashes are laid in their final resting place is set by calling our Pastor during office hours on Wednesdays from 8:00 a.m. to Noon or by leaving a message for one of our Deacons to pass on to the Pastor.  After the Service, a Brass Plate will be attached to the Dovecote Pole with Name, Date and Saying - three lines total.  The Service will cost non-BBCC members $350.  BBCC members are asked for donations to cover the cost of the Brass Plate.  Engraved Remembrance Bricks can be purchased for $35 and placed along the inside of the flowered area against the outside edge of the pathway.  Brass Plates and Engraved Remembrance Bricks can be purchased and installed for any deceased family member without a Service.

To purchase bricks and name plates  to go in our beautiful Memorial Garden,  fill out the form below with your desired inscription to purchase a Memorial Garden engraved brick and /or a Memorial Garden nameplate.  Send the form along with $35.00 for each item to:


Memorial Garden
Broad Brook Congregational Church
P.O. Box 466
Broad Brook, CT 06016


Click the link to print a copy of the Memorial Garden Form.

Click here to print our Brochure.