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Our Calendar

5 Communion

All Saints Day

Day light savings time begins

12 Veterans Day Sunday– Stewardship Sunday
14 Deacons meet @10:00am
19 Thanksgiving Sunday

Council Meeting @ 11:15am

23 Thanksgiving Day
3 Communion, 1st Sunday in Advent
10 Christmas Pageant @10am

Christmas Potluck Party & Yankee Swap


2nd Sunday in Advent

17 3rd Sunday in Advent
24 Christmas Eve  Services @10am & 6pm

4th Sunday in Advent

25 Merry Christmas to All!

Chef Mike - at it again!



Our volunteer wait staff from one of our suppers.


Waiting for a mouth watering dinner to be served.

If you have not enjoyed the food from a Broad Brook Congregational Church supper, then you have not eaten!


"Eaters" from far and wide come to enjoy the great food prepared by our very own Mike Siekiera who has a passion for cooking.  You can read more about Mike by clicking here.