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Meet Us – Our Secretary

tomacagTomaca (pronounced to-may-sha) started working at Broad Brook Congregational Church two years ago.  As secretary, she types up and copies our weekly bulletins, the annual reports and bi-laws and she puts together the bi-monthly Wayside Beacon.  Tomaca also put BBCC on the world wide web by constructing the church’s website and helped us join a lot of our friends, near and far, by setting us up on facebook.

I have a passion for sharing inspiration and have two magazines on the internet to facilitate that. is my favorite publication and is women inspiring women.  Women are interviewed and their stories are shared.  There are articles posted on women-related topics.  We recently added an “Ask Susan” column which allows readers to ask for suggestions from a professional therapist from London, Susan Jane Smith.  WMTS is growing rapidly and we get over 5,000 international hits a month on our site.  I am really proud of this work and hope it inspires many to move beyond the limitations of their own minds and to achievethe things that are in their hearts. is a publication with the same concept, only it features interviews with artists who talk about their art, their life and inspirations.
Underneath it all, I am a singer.  My website is


I am grateful to be working with BBCC.  I really enjoy doing graphics, desktop publishing and layouts.  Working on the Wayside Beacon is fun and allows me to be artistic and creative.
I thank Debbie Siekiera, Betty Stratton and Rev. Mike for being effective teammates.  Big ups to Debbie for being a trooper and managing the facebook page!
And, I have a couple of requests:
– I’d love to have a volunteer to maintain a google calender for the church that would feed the website.  It’s really, really easy and I will work with you to get you started.
– Second, it would be great to have church event pictures to include in the Beacon, on the website and on facebook.  Email pictures to me at
Lastly about me, I am a mother of three grown children and live with my youngest son, my guy, two turtles, including 25-year-old “Corky”  and our newly rescued cat, Sakar.

sakarSakar was begging for food outside of a Chinese restaurant in Hartford.  She was starving and dirty. She came running to me and curled herself around my feet. How could I not bring her home?  She is now a very happy and content being.

Save an animal whenever you are presented the opportunity.  You may think you are rescuing them, but in reality, they are  rescuing you!