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Meet Us – JB

My first introduction to the Broad Brook Congregational Church was on Saturday May 14, 1977. I had just come home from my honeymoon the night before. My husband Joe and I were out in front of our apartment when a gentleman crossed the road and introduced himself as Greg Kendall. He had heard from my mother-in- law that I attended a congregational church and wanted to welcome me to the community. Greg also told me that services at Broad Brook Congregational Church were at 10:00 and if I would like to join the choir, teach Sunday school or join any committees just let him know. I became a member in the spring of 1978.
I was raised in Storrs, Connecticut. My father was a UCONN professor and my mother worked in the superintendent’s office. Early on my five siblings and I were taught the importance of an education. We also couldn’t get away with a thing at high school.  After college, UCONN of course, I went to work where I met my husband Joe. We were married May 7, 1977 and are the proud parents of three daughters, Rebecca, Katharine, and Amanda. We also have three wonderful grandchildren, Seton, Angelina, and Joseph.
At first I only attended Sunday services. After Becky was two or three, I started helping out in the Sunday school. On Rally Sunday in 1983, all of the children, mothers and teachers were lined up to go up to church service. As young mothers often do I was trying to guess the age of a baby girl in the arms of her mother. It turned out that the baby, Tracy Savoie, was born on the same day as my Katie. This started my thirty-year friendship with Penny. We started out as helpers and teachers in Sunday school and ended up being superintendent and assistant superintendent. As the girls grew, I started attending Women’s Fellowship meetings. With the encouragement of Betty Stratton I started to volunteer for committees and ended up president. When Mandy was near the end of elementary school, Linda York and I snuck out of Sunday school and joined Wade Signor in the choir, something we had wanted to do for a long time.
As my daughters grew up I volunteered for more committees in the church. I am now a Trustee of the church, on the Ways and Means and Music committees. Debbie Siekiera and I are co-chairmen of the bazaar and my sister Julie Cote and I run the plant sale every year.
As an avid reader I am fortunate to work as the circulation supervisor at the Library Association of Warehouse point. I also enjoy gardening and just about any craft, though sewing is probably my favorite. With encouragement from members of the choir I joined the South Windsor Community Chorus and have enjoyed singing with them for six years. My cats are also a special part of my life.
Joining the Broad Brook Congregational church has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Having grown up in a very large church I never realized how special it is to be a member of a small church. Any time a member is in need – be it physical, mental or emotional – members rally around to provide support. I am always and amazed at how caring the members of this church are and so glad to be part of them.