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List of Broad Brook Congregational Saints



We at Broad Brook Congregational Church happily share our personal list of saints.  We thank and honor these people for their commitment and devotion.






Marjory Brewer                               Marie Olisky

Harry Coville                                    Sarah Loubier

Terry Edwards                                 Walter Feldman

Connie Pitney                                   Claire St. Martin

Selma Johnson                                 Ruth Huntley

William Arnold                                 Gerry Arnold

Hazel Cutta                                       Donald Lang

Carl Curtis                                         Bob Barlow

Connie Fillmore                               Irene Watson

Red Edwards

Kaye Pippin Zeuschner                   Louise LaCross

Dick Pippin                                       George Yosky

Florence Zeuschner                         Gail Skinner

Kurt Zeuschner                                Charles Brewer

Mildred Myers                                 Lois Cheslick

Charles Cheslick                               Phyllis Bushnell

Ed Neild                                            Catherine Nelson

Lyman Nelson                                  Bob Grant

Julie Grant                                         Veronica Barlow

Phil Chapman

Esther Chapman