Easter Lily Memorials





We are excited to announce that you can order your Easter Lily dedications now.  Our church and our altar looks so beautiful with decorative lilies all around.


Order a beautiful Easter Lilly in Honor or in Memorial of Your Loved Ones.


Please click here to print the form.


Use a separate form for each order.


Mail your form with your check payable to Broad Brook Congregational Church to:


Easter Lilies

Broad Brook Congregational Church

122 Main Street

Broad Brook, CT  06016



Baptizing Benjamin



Our first baptism of the year – little Benjamin.




Matthew 19:14

14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.



Our first baptism of this year was this past Sunday.  We expect there are many more to come in 2016 as more and more people awaken to the power and the grace of the Lord our Saviour Jesus Christ.



Broad Brook Congregational Church is open and available to baptize all those who want to accept God in their lives and in their hearts.  Age doesn’t matter!  All are welcome.


The children helping to  prepare for Sunday's baptism.
The children helping to prepare for Sunday’s baptism.




Flower Dedications for 2015

As this year comes to a close, we thank all of those who dedicated beautiful flowers in memory or in honor of someone in 2015.




Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

1 Chronicles 16:29

Sign up for altar flowers given in Memory or in Honor of someone. There are many openings and you should be able to get your Sunday choice. If your choice is taken, we can do a double dedication. The Poster is in the fellowship hall over the counter.

For our distant friends who would like to dedicate flowers to a loved one during the church service, you are welcome to do so. We would give the arrangement to someone in a nursing home after the service to help brighten their day. If you are interested, please click here to contact us.



25 – Selma Grant in memory of her parents



1 – Joyce Bonelli

8 – Bill and Betty Stratton in Honor of Valentine’s Day

22 – Linda & Rich York in memory of her mother Frances Sheldick



1 – Selma Grant in memory of Gerry Arnold

15 – Mike & Debbie Siekiera in honor of their Anniversary

22 – Carolyn Feldman in memory of Walter Feldman



5 – Easter Lilies

12 – Bill & Betty Stratton in honor of their 49th Wedding Anniversary

19 – Deborah A. Breton in memory of her husband Normand E. Breton

26 – Joyce Jordan in honor of Alice Wenz’s birthday

26 – Nancy Nodwell in memory of Bill & Gerry Arnold



3 – Alice and Warren Wenz in honor of their anniversary

10-In Honor of Mother’s Day

17-Carolyn Feldman in Memory of Walter Feldman

24 -Linda & Richard York in memory of all the fallen heroes.

31 – Joyce Bonelli in memory of Irving Fellows



7 – Corin & Bob Jones in memory of their brothers, Jonathan & Bill

14 – Deborah A. Breton in Honor of Jennifer Curtis

21 – Carol Ballard in memory of her sister Lorraine Fortuna on her Birthday



7 – Deborah Breton in memory of Loved Ones

12 – Rev. Carol in Memory of Charles Lewis

19 – Karen Loubier in memory of Sarah Loubier, her sister

26 – Debbie Siekiera in Memory of Irene Watson



2- Joyce Bonelli to celebrate the birth of her new grandson Benjamin Luke Bauer

9 – Karen Loubier in memory of Michael Loubier

16 – Alice and Warren in memory of Loved ones

24 – Joyce Bonelli in memory of Justine Fellows, her mother

30 –



6- Karla Vince in honor of Birthday

13 – Debora A. Breton in memory of her husband Normand E. Breton and Mother Althea H. Lane

20 – Debbie Siekiera and Family members in honor of Theresa Cahone, Debbie’s mother

27 – Carolyn Feldman in memory of their Anniversary



4 – Bob & Corin in memory of their brothers Jonathan & Bill

11 – BBCC in honor of Rev. Carol on Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday

18 – Karla Vince in honor of their families

25 – Nancy Nodwell in loving memory of Bill and Gerry Arnold



1 – Deborah A. Breton in memory of her husband Normand E. Breton and mother Althea H. Lane

8 – Karen Loubier in memory of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Osborn

15 –

22 – Karen Loubier in memory of Michael Loubier




2 –

13 – Deborah A. Breton in memory of loved ones

20 – Poinsettias

27 – Poinsettias




The beautiful Altar Flower Dedications are only $22.00.

After the service, you can take them with you or donate them for delivery to a shut-in person.